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A Heartbeat of America

If you needed more evidence that baseball is part of America’s heartbeat, then these past few weeks gave you that.

Armando Galarraga, a pitcher with the Detroit Tigers, was one out from what has only been done twenty times in the past hundred years or so. A perfect game. He had one batter to go, light hitting Jason Donald. Galarraga stared in for his catcher’s sign, got it, wound up and threw. Donald hit a slower grounder to first and Galarraga took off to cover the bag. The ball landed in his glove steps before Donald got there.

Growing Your Money – Five Ideas

Here are a few tips to help you out in these uncertain financial times.

Check Your Lines – Some years ago I was fishing for bass and had tossed out my line shortly after arriving at the shore. I waited for hours for a bass to bite. By the end of the night the line hadn’t even jerked once. Yet, when I reeled in my line to go home, I had a giant sunfish on the end of it. I had sat all night not knowing what was on the end of my line. Well most of us have fish on our lines, we just don’t know it. Our closets are full of things we have forgotten, things we spent a considerable amount of money on a long time ago. Sell those things you don’t want or need anymore.

Can I Buy a House With Soda Cans?

I am just about to own my own home and it has made me realize a few things.

As a boy I did all sorts of things to earn money. I collected soda cans along the side of the road. I did odd chores. I mowed lawns. When I did earn money, I was something of a saver and a spender. I liked the idea of having a bin full of coins. It made me feel good. I would throw all the coins and dollars into that bin and every so often take it out and count up all the money, feeling a bit like Scrooge in Duck Tales or a bit like a Monopoly Boss, slowly building an empire. But inevitably, my saving mentality would dissipate and I would spend those hoarded coins and dollars on a pack of baseball cards or a new video game. Then I would have to start all over saving up coins.

A Foundation That Attracts Money and Success, Part 2

We have all heard of lottery winners who went from rags to riches in an instant. Most of us have imagined it happening to us. But most of us have also heard stories of those same lottery winners and how years later they are even worse off than they were before they won the lottery. [...]

Are We Ready to Win the Lottery? Part 1

I have always wanted to win the lottery. Who hasn’t? We all want a sense of financial security and freedom. I remember watching the cartoon Duck Tales after school and seeing Scrooge jump off the diving board at the top of his bank vault. With great glee he swam through mounds of golden coins, until [...]

The Market Is Like An Auction

I was ten when I went to my first auction, an actual stone and mortar building that looked like a converted garage. My father and I sat down in brown metal bi-fold chairs with our number and waited to bid. It was an estate auction and the newspaper had mentioned a very large baseball card [...]

Cheap Feasts That Taste Good

It is easy to cut back on some expenses. We can cut back on how much alcohol we buy, or the clothes we buy, or our movie club memberships, but it is hard to cut back spending on food. We need food to survive and we like it. At least I do. Hey, we eat [...]

Planned Splurges

Did you know having a plan can save you money? What does a plan do? If you don’t have a plan for your money, it will disappear. And it will disappear to the places you have the least discipline. Most of us think that getting a raise will solve our problems. Unfortunately, whether we get [...]

Shaking the Piggy Bank

In the past nine months, finances have come to dominate my thinking. I have always been leery of thinking too much about money. Money is seductive for me. The more I get, the more I seem to want. I start thinking of ways to make it or acquire it. I wonder what I can sell, [...]

How to Improve Gas Mileage and Save on Fuel – 4 Gas Saving Tips

By Art Graham Here are a few tips to save on gas. Of course, only do the ones that make sense for you since not everyone is in a position to take advantage of all the suggestions. Some of them may seem silly or nit picky, but remember, the goal is to save money. Always [...]