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Will America Rise Again?

Some years ago, several men sat around a table together, united for a common purpose. They met in the dark of night, but were not there for devious purposes. They came from many places, far and wide, leaving behind their family and friends. They traveled from store fronts down by the ocean, from virgin fields that stretched as far as the eye could see, from cities just beginning to thrive to determine the fate of more than just themselves. They didn’t gather because of money.

What’s Da News to Do With It?

by Marge Simon

In high school, like Stephen King and others, I started out on the school paper. I loved working on it. I thrived on deadlines, the crazy fun coming up with headers, getting to do my own features, guest editing the April Fool’s edition, all that. And I really got a high from writing my own quirky columns. I won an award for my editorial about astronaut Scott Carpenter, who was from our home town (Boulder, Colorado.) Seeing a newspaper I helped produce, tossed into the school hallways and trod upon was a stiletto heel through my vanity. With ink in my blood, I dreamed I’d be the next Ben Franklin, Sam Clemmons, or Erma Bombeck.

Capturing the Presidency

I have never been much of a political mongrel, sniffing after every bit of political gossip, sidling up to those in power to get scraps, or barking up and down the street letting everyone know where I stand. But I can’t keep my nose out of this Presidential race. It is exciting. It started with [...]

Grooming Our Kids for Failure

By Craig Harper Recently on a current affairs television program here in Melbourne there was a story exploring the concept of children not receiving ‘traditional’ school report cards and not being graded (marked) on their school work at all. The key message of the program was that evaluating our kids and actually scoring them on [...]

Civilization and Laziness

Egypt was the wonder of the ancients. They advanced, built pyramids, penned hieroglyphics, and performed medical wonders. But they got lazy, their slaves left, and Egypt declined. Rome was glorious. It was built upon the blood of great men. At the height of their civilized glory, Rome got complacent and lazy. They ate themselves from [...]