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180 Million Reasons to Win the Lottery

In 2007 baseball revenues were over six billion dollars. The commissioner made over 14 million dollars. The average player made 3.1 million dollars. Average, that means some were higher and some were lower. If you do the math, about half the players made lower, most of them around the minimum of 400,000 dollars. Stars on [...]

Our Heroes

If you have been watching the news or reading the paper at all of late, then you know about the Mitchell Report. It reveals, to some degree, the use of performance enhancing drugs by professional baseball players and includes several big name players who allegedly used them. One of those names is Andy Pettitte, a [...]

I Am Astounded

I am astounded. I really am. Alex Rodriguez, the greatest player in the sport of baseball, opted out of a guaranteed 72 million dollars, and almost certainly another 200 million dollars, choosing to leave the most storied franchise in sports: The New York Yankees. That’s amazing. He is an amazing player who made his mark [...]

One Wild, Heroic Dash

I have always considered myself something of a hunter. When I think of hunters, the beginning of the movie Last of the Mohicans comes to mind. Three men running headlong through the woods, their hair streaming out behind them, trusty muskets in their hands. They run and run, quick and silent as whispers. Then suddenly, [...]

I Can See, But I Can’t Reach

If you are a fan of baseball, you have seen the sad decline of the New York Yankees this year. If you know nothing about baseball, then know this: the Yankees are one of the most stories franchises in all of sports, they have won twenty-six championships, and every year they are built to win [...]

Collecting Dust

I am a collector of things. It doesn’t really matter what it is as long as there a “number” of them to collect. When I was real young I used to go around the house “bumping” into dressers, desks, and chairs to see what things would fall off. Most of the time pennies, paper clips, [...]

Fishing and Life: 8 Similarities

You can’t catch anything unless you get your line in the water. In life, you will accomplish nothing, unless you get out there and try to do something. Yes, you may come home from a long day of fishing with nothing to show, but on other days your pail will be full and your smile [...]