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The Long Road Home, Part III

Much of my life has been spent trying to talk to God. As a boy I used to sit on my bed and pray with my father. We said the Lord’s prayer from Mathew every night, side by side on my bed. And after that, my father tucked me in and turned off the light [...]

Love Puppy

One pale morning so early that it was still blue outside, that moment when the blackness of night has faded before the moon, and the sun is only a promise yet some time off, I woke up and rested on one elbow. A girl slept quietly beside me, her face half buried in a pillow [...]

The Frontier

The world has always had a frontier, an edge beyond which nothing was known. Most famous of these frontiers was the dark and endless waters beyond the Azores during the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. Most people believed that the world was flat and that the water went on forever, until the sailing ship would suddenly [...]

Battling Time

As a little boy, the days leading up to Christmas took forever. It didn’t help that everyone started preparing so early. Just after Thanksgiving, neighbors started putting up blue and red and green lights along their roofs, wrapping the trees in their lawns with yellow and white. On TV I saw ads for Christmas shopping [...]

Leaving a Mark, Part V

Some men are born hermits. They don’t mind spending the rest of their lives in a solitary existence. I am not that kind of man. Yet, in Japan I was by default. Not in the sense that I was out in a shack in the middle of forest all by my lonesome, but in my [...]

Bermuda Triangle Is Nothing But A Myth

By Lindsey Williams In real life there is often a thin line between tragedy and mystery. Such are the circumstances surrounding the fate of Flight 19 recalled by the recent recovery of a World War II Navy torpedo bomber from the sea bottom near Key West. Treasure salvor Mel Fisher and his crew found the [...]

Day One of the Teaching Experiment, Part IV

My first day of teaching broke early and hot, but I was already up. It is a habit with me, to wake before my alarm, the morning of momentous events. I sleep restlessly, waking several times during the night with the fear that I have missed my alarm, missed the event I have prepared for [...]

Yellow Suspenders and Big Feet, Part III

For much of my life I have always stood out, but not necessarily for the best of reasons. In my little league picture I stood out. Our team name was Golden Fish. It’s not a bad name, but it’s not exactly the Pirates or the Rangers. Those are cool names. The Pirates wear black and [...]

The Quest for a Wife, Part I

Japan is a story that almost never happened for me. My senior year of college was going by quickly. I had the credits I needed to graduate, and my attention was more focused on acquiring the one thing many young people go to Christian colleges to find: the perfect someone that one later says they [...]

Shaking Off Our Old Skins, Part II

A first impression is like a first kiss. It lingers long after the relationship has changed. I stepped off the plane in Ube, Japan, wearing a suit even though it was ninety plus with terrible humidity. The air was thick with water and the squat mountains in the distance appeared as though through a cloudy [...]