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The Joy of Air Travel

When I talk to people about flying, I find that most people love it or they hate it. The response is immediate. I see a child-like smile crack at the corners of their mouth when they love it. If they hate it, their face grimaces, brows furrowing, eyes narrowing. I have never really loved air [...]

The Sea Has Not Claimed Me

by: Pierette Domenica Simpson Surviving the Andrea Doria—Stockholm collision on the Atlantic Ocean on July 25, 1956, has not crippled me with thalassophobia, or fear of the sea. In fact, I respect its supremacy and I am humbled by its vastness. Perhaps it was my young age that protected me from wallowing in fear during [...]

A Good Lobster

On the northeastern coast – those thickly wooded and rocky coasts that are home to bears and moose and lonely white lighthouses – the water crashes on rough, black rocks with great intensity. It is a coast full of bays and small little towns that are a mix of fisherman and tourists and seagulls. It [...]

History of Dragons

By Corey Tsang The history of China is filled with Dragons, as is its legends and traditions. In fact, the Dragon had helped shape the entire nation, even before the unification of northern China under Qin Shih Huang Ti – literally “First Exalted Emperor of the Qin” – in 221 B.C. Dragons in China were [...]

Sushi, Art, and Perception

As a kid growing up, I hated spinach. No matter how many Popeye cartoons I watched, I still couldn’t stomach it. In part I think it was because I was supposed to hate spinach like all youngsters, rather than a real loathing of the leafy green. It wasn’t until I started loving salads as a [...]

The Things We Do

A good friend of mine recently said, “I hate doing this. I feel like a rat. And I’m barely keeping pace.” He was talking about his life, using the common metaphor, but it got me to thinking about the things we do. Few of us are lucky enough to do the things we want to [...]

The Art of Cherry Blossom Viewing

I received two emails from old friends in Japan recently. They wrote to tell me of the cherry blossoms, a Japanese season -yes, the cherry blossom season – and how beautiful they were. The truth is, from personal experience, the cherry blossoms are always beautiful. One friend wrote: “The cherry blossoms have fallen in last [...]

Walking Shoes

I used to try to wear my pop’s shoes. They were always too big and wide, and worn thin in places, but they looked like good shoes, the kind you could walk all day in and your feet would never hurt. I’d slip ‘em on and clump the dog for a walk. I couldn’t run [...]

Doing Business Behind the Shanty

I’m a noodle fanatic. I love them. Spaghetti, rigatoni, angel hair pasta, ramen, and soon after arriving in Japan I added my personal favorite, somen. More often than not, it is what is added to noodles, to make the contrast, that makes them taste so great, but I still love to say I love noodles. [...]