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Will America Rise Again?

Some years ago, several men sat around a table together, united for a common purpose. They met in the dark of night, but were not there for devious purposes. They came from many places, far and wide, leaving behind their family and friends. They traveled from store fronts down by the ocean, from virgin fields that stretched as far as the eye could see, from cities just beginning to thrive to determine the fate of more than just themselves. They didn’t gather because of money.

Satisfied Here and Now

Some years ago, when I thought about traveling overseas to live for the first time, I couldn’t contain my excitement. I was enjoying my life in America, but there was definitely a desire in me for more. I wanted more than I had, more love and more money and more adventure. And I knew it had to be out there, just waiting for me to find it.

I recognize the same desire for something more in the children I work with. They are completely content with the toys they are playing with, until they see a toy someone else is playing with. I love watching their eyes grow big and then invariably they reach out to grab that toy.

Waiting for the Good Stuff, Part 3

Last week, I talked about expectation and how developing it can create positive action toward a desired goal. Well, this week I was watching a bit of TV and my program was interrupted by a commercial for Red Lobster, an East Coast seafood chain that serves some great food. It also happens to be one of my favorite restaurants. The commercial proceeded to display larger than life dishes of succulent crab legs being dipped in butter, juicy shrimp basted on the grill with garlic and parsley, tender lobster tails split open, and salmon dripping juice as it roasted on a cedar plank. It was only an hour or so after dinner, but that commercial made me hungry. I sat there on the couch and my mouth was watering! I could almost taste the crab and lobster I wanted it so bad.

Dreaming of Grandness Napoleon Style, Part II

When I was eight I had my first blood test. The nurse could see that I was really nervous when she pulled out a needle that looked like a sword. I like swords, but I wasn’t looking forward to having this one slowly inserted into my arm. She told me to hold my breath and watch the whole thing, it would help ease my fear. I followed her advice and when she finally pulled out the needle I let my breath go. And then I passed out.

I have never been good with needles since that day and so any time I have to get a shot or get my blood drawn, I am real nervous. I get sweaty palms and feel like I am going to faint before that needle even gets whipped out. Yes, I know, it is sad. I am a big baby when it comes to needles.

A Woman’s Vital Role

As I grow older I find myself becoming something of a people watcher. At first it was just a general interest because people can be really funny. Now I watch because people are amazing. I learn so many things just by watching how people react and respond to each other, how they handle tough life changing situations, how they handle children and what comes out when they reach their tipping point.

As I continue work on my book, Addicted to Love, I find myself watching couples quite a bit. I digest their conversations, the way they physically respond to each other, the way they approach each other.

Cheerleading is Love Magic

If I say the word cheerleader, you probably have an instant reaction. Maybe it is good, maybe it is bad. But that word, cheerleader, seems to bring forth a response in everyone. For me, it has always had a negative connotation. In part, it was because I never really considered cheerleading a sport. As a [...]

The Best Foot and Sensibility

I’ve made lots of mistakes when it comes to romance. Romance is, after all, based on feelings and feelings are nefarious things; they come and go at whim it seems (often with just a night’s sleep). I have too often focused on the feelings, rather than on what the sensible side of me was telling [...]

Undeniable Evidence

As a nation, we are fascinated with evidence. We love shows like Bones, CSI, Numbers, and Law and Order to name a few. We love all the little clues and how they fit together to reveal something startling. We love movies like The Davinci Code because of the incredible evidence (though fake) it was purported [...]

Honduran Chronicles 1: The Perception Iceberg

Wouldn’t it be nice if God gave us a roadmap for our lives? Or even better, gave us our very own GPS machine attached to our umbilical chord at birth? We would know exactly what to do at exactly the right time. Turn here now! Date this boy! Move to Chicago in three seconds! The [...]

Popping Our Boss’ or Spouse’s Anger Bubble

What is it inside of us that always wants to be right? What is it inside of us that can’t admit we made a mistake? At some point most of us in our lives have had the experience of looking across the office and seeing our boss coming right toward us, an angry frown on [...]