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Lessons Learned 4

I liken this series of articles to the school year and how at the end of the year it is nice to have a great big concert to show off the progress that has been made. With no further ado. You can be bald and the tub drain will still plug up with hair. I [...]

I’m Not Good At Waiting

Waiting. Just the mention of the word conjures up feelings of frustration. Picture this: It’s Saturday and the kids have tired you out with a soccer game in the morning and in the afternoon shopping for supplies for a school project. But it’s evening now and they are off at a friend’s for the night [...]

A Foundation That Attracts Money and Success, Part 2

We have all heard of lottery winners who went from rags to riches in an instant. Most of us have imagined it happening to us. But most of us have also heard stories of those same lottery winners and how years later they are even worse off than they were before they won the lottery. [...]

Redefining Resolutions

I always used to think that New Year’s resolutions were simple things like trying not to swear, or bringing home flowers to the wife more often, or eating cake only once a week instead of twice a week. These are all good things in and of themselves. But how close are they to our hearts? [...]

Lessons Learned 3

Do not keep eating things that do not sit well with you. Makes sense, but I still eat foods that tear me up in some way. No matter how good a deal you think you are getting, the car dealership always wins. Always. Sometimes I think God made sleep so I could have a lot [...]

Writing and Running: Two Sides of the Same Coin

Sometimes a different perspective does wonders. I run everyday, in part because I love to run. But I also run because that is when the stories start flowing in my mind. Great dialogues and interesting plot twists, characters that jump off the page and into my heart. I forget most by the time I get [...]

The Rhema Word, Part II

The first fortune (from a fortune cookie) I ever saved was during college. It is the first one I remember, not because it was the first fortune cookie I ate, but because it was about that time that I began to doubt my future. I doubted what I was going to do with my future [...]

Does God Speak in Fortune Cookies, Part I

I work in an environment that can be stressful. The phone is always ringing. A steady stream of people stop by my desk. They all have a problem or want something. I am not complaining. I have a good job, a good situation. However, some days the constant press of people and furious activity just [...]

We All Have Bobs In Our Lives

We all have Bobs in our life. Mine is seventy-seven. He looks frail at first glance, his hair white and wispy like clouds on a blue sky day. He wears glasses and totters about like he is one misstep from needing a hip replacement, an old Irish golfing cap made of wool perched on his [...]

Old Wives In The Kitchen – Age-Old Advice That Works – And Some That Doesn’t!

By Eleanor Knowles Most people love food, whether they admit it or not. And lots of us don’t mind a drop of nostalgia now and then too. Combine the two and you’ve got a recipe for one of those “I remember my Granny making the most delicious apple pie from the fruit tree in the [...]