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Created Beautiful

I had a lot of questions, a lot of comments about my “Something Sexy, Something Beautiful” article a few weeks back. People didn’t understand it. Some didn’t want to believe it, or couldn’t. They heard the words, but they felt like only words. “Seth, I read it and it made sense to me, but it [...]

Leaving a Mark, Part V

Some men are born hermits. They don’t mind spending the rest of their lives in a solitary existence. I am not that kind of man. Yet, in Japan I was by default. Not in the sense that I was out in a shack in the middle of forest all by my lonesome, but in my [...]

Lessons Learned

When life frustrates me with a problem I cannot solve, I often turn to tidying up. I am not a tidy person by nature. I sometimes leave clothes lying around in folded piles. I stack books in haphazard piles on the floor near my bed rather than on my book shelves. Unopened mail accumulates on [...]

Something Sexy, Something Beautiful

I envy Kurt. He’s got something few men have. He’s got this eye for beauty. And then he’s got the ability to draw or paint what he sees, exactly what he sees. I went for coffee with Kurt at a Starbucks. He brought his pencil and some paper. I brought a keyboard and my pda. [...]

Fishing and Life: 8 Similarities

You can’t catch anything unless you get your line in the water. In life, you will accomplish nothing, unless you get out there and try to do something. Yes, you may come home from a long day of fishing with nothing to show, but on other days your pail will be full and your smile [...]

Spoken Power

I have heard of a Japanese man who talks to water. He talks to all sorts of water. Distilled water, spring water, polluted water drawn from some of the rivers that run through Japan’s industrial areas. And the water responds. It doesn’t talk back to him. It is energized and transforms. It changes. When water [...]

Five Secrets For A Happy Life

By Michael Bowen Face life squarely: Face your problems with the highest light you have, knowing that through solving them you will grow both in wisdom and depth of being. This is called Courage. Dedicate yourself to a good purpose: Find your path of service, of joy, of commitment, and hold fast – never lose [...]