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Passionate Writing: You Can Sell Your Passion

By Carla Vaughan If you want to be an effective writer, you will find it easiest to focus your writing on topics about which you are either knowledgeable or passionate. Passion sells. Passionate writing doesn’t mean you have to write about romance or sex. What it does mean is that you have to write from [...]

Night Attack

By Damaris West Gemma slipped slim fingers into black leather gloves, passed a pin through her designer hat into her hair and gathered the skirts of her expensive camel coat around her. It was always as well to be prepared for getting off the bus at this time of night: that way, if anyone was [...]

How to Quit Writing

Last week, I decided to quit writing. Tired of rejection, tired of being a slave to words and phrases, I decided it was time I straightened out my life. So I quit. Cold turkey! I cleared off my desk, shut down the computer, shoved all my discs and hard copies into the file cabinet, locked [...]

Mermaids, Fantasies and Art

By Kathy Ostman-Magnusen About ten years ago I decided that when people asked me what I did or who I was, I would confidently reply, “I am an artist”. No matter how I was making a living or if my status was that of a ‘starving artist’ or not, I would announce, “I am an [...]