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September 7 – “A Writer’s Gameplan: Dialogue With a Purpose,” by Seth Crossman. No dialogue or bad dialogue is like trying to make a cake without flour.

August 31 – “A Writer’s Gameplan: Developing Plot That Kills,” by Seth Crossman. How to put your character in a plot that pulls readers in.

August 24 – “Adding Character Depth Through Perception,” by Lee Masterson. I thought I would give you another perspective on character development.

August 17 – “A Writer’s Gameplan: Show and Tell,” by Seth Crossman. Details are important.

August 10 – “A Writer’s Gameplan: Character Development,” by Seth Crossman. The first article in a series on aimed at making you a better writer from the viewpoint of an editor.

August 3 – “Cheerleading is Love Magic,” by Seth Crossman. This is something I only just recently learned.

July 27 – “School is Out! How to Keep the Children Busy, Stay Sane and Save Money,” by Victoria Cathey. Now that I am working with children so much, I can really appreciate these ideas.

July 20 – “All in a Day’s Sandwich,” by Seth Crossman. How to change the ordinary to the extraordinary.

July 13 – “The Best Foot and Sensibility,” by Seth Crossman. How could Gillian keep Wes that long?

July 6 – “Pondering How Much My Novel Is Worth,” by Kelly Huddleston. The writers out there will enjoy this article.

June 29 – “Killing Time,” by Sharon M. White. This is how horror writers are born. Warning to those with weak stomachs. Read another article!

June 22 – “Scary Toilet Myths Exposed,” by Liz Andrews. You must have wondered about at least a few of these at one time or another!

June 15 – “The Pros and Cons of Children,” by Seth Crossman. I am weighing my options.

June 8 – “Undeniable Evidence,” by Seth Crossman. My attempt at being Sherlock Homes.

June 1 – “Sweet and Sexy – Top 10 Foods to Attract a Healthy Body,” by John R. Chapman. I need to hit up a grocery store and buy these foods!

May 25 – “Honduran Chronicles 3: No Difference in the Heart,” by Seth Crossman. Everywhere I go in this world I see something different and it reminds me of what is the same.

May 18 – “Honduran Chronicles 2: Everyday Life and Death,” by Seth Crossman. Some people face life and death everyday.

May 11 – “Honduran Chronicles 1: The Perception Iceberg,” by Seth Crossman. The beginning of a journey I hope to take you on.

May 4 – I’m on vacation! Be back in a week.

April 27 – “Home Runs Are A Beautiful Thing,” by Seth Crossman. “It might be, it could be…. it is! A home run!” – Harry Caray.

April 20 – “Questions To Ask On a First Date,” by Avishai Fuksman. Some thoughtful questions in there that I think would tell a lot about a person.

April 13 – “How I Became Twitter-Pated,” by J Yahshar. I still don’t understand how this medium is so popular.

April 6 – “Can A Stadium Buy Happiness?” by Seth Crossman. A new stadium and new hopes.

March 30 – “Popping Our Boss’ or Spouse’s Anger Bubble,” by Seth Crossman. I did it and I am sorry.

March 23 – “Lessons Learned 4,” by Seth Crossman. Fourth episode in a series of things I have learned.

March 16 – “The Madness Begins,” by Seth Crossman. I scream, you scream, we all go mad for the tournament!

March 9 – “I’m Not Good At Waiting,” by Seth Crossman. Who likes to wait?

March 2 – “The 3 Day Writing Method,” by Bobby Owsinski. Maybe these tips will liberate you as a writer.

February 23 – “It’s Our Anniversary!” Three years ago we took a leap.. And we’re still going strong.

February 16 – “Imagine Your Wife Saying “Octuplets,”” by Seth Crossman. Married Couple to huge family in one passionate night.

February 9 – “Five Valentine’s Ideas,” by Seth Crossman. Coming up with good romantic ideas can be challenging after a few years. Here are some ideas.

February 2 – “Smaller Beer,” by Kolby Granville. An amusing story about one difference between Mozambique and America.

January 26 – “A Foundation That Attracts Money and Success, Part 2,” by Seth Crossman. Money can come and money can go.

January 19 – “Are We Ready to Win the Lottery? Part 1,” by Seth Crossman. If desire alone were enough, we would all be millionaires.

January 12 – “Feed Off Reading and Ten Books On My Must Read List,” by Seth Crossman. Ten books I want to read…and soon!

January 5 – “Redefining Resolutions,” by Seth Crossman. My kind of New Year’s resolution.

December 29 – Have a safe and Happy New Year!

December 22 – “Happy Holidays to You and Yours,” from the Staff at the Opinion Guy.

December 15 – “My Only Christmas is a Marketed Christmas,” by Seth Crossman. It would be great to have three weeks off for Christmas.

December 8 – “How to Lose Fat by Running,” by Jason M. Ivarson. Had to include this just for tip number three. Amazing what you can learn.

December 1 – “Driven By Desire,” by Seth Crossman. The only cure for a bad desire is another desire that is stronger.

November 24 – “The Market Is Like An Auction,” by Seth Crossman. What is the future of the market?

November 17 – “Cheap Feasts That Taste Great,” by Seth Crossman. We have to spend money on food, so why not enjoy it and save money.

November 10 – “Planned Splurges,” by Seth Crossman. Making my money go further by planning.

November 3 – “Life is a Parody,” by Norman A. Rubin. Thanks to Norman for a humorous look at growing old.

October 27 – “A Traveler is Born,” by Bus Goldberg. A man after my own heart.

October 20 – “The Final Chapter – The Search, Part V,” by Seth Crossman. Should we look for love or let it happen?

October 13 – “Love Is Part of the Plan, Part IV,” by Seth Crossman. Everybody has opinions about love. Here’s some Biblical truth about God’s plan for life and love.

October 6 – “The One and Only – A Fairy Tale, Part III,” by Seth Crossman. Is there only one love out there for us?

September 29 – “Sex As It Was Meant to Be, Part II,” by Seth Crossman. Some things are good…and some things are better. The original intent for sex.

September 22 – “The Elevator Man and the Forgotten Spirit, Part I” by Seth Crossman. Does losing body parts change who we are?

September 15 – “Colliding Particles,” by Seth Crossman. The collision of faith and science and the quest for answers.

September 8 – “Shaking the Piggy Bank,” by Seth Crossman. My hope is that you do not have to.

September 1 – “How NOT to Be Happy – 12 Essential Tips to Ensure Misery,” by Lisa M. Smith. Works well in reverse.

August 25 – “Wise Men, Fools, and Silence,” by Seth Crossman. Based on a proverb few people heed, myself included!

August 18 – “Lessons Learned 3,” by Seth Crossman. Another chapter in the popular lessons learned category.

August 11 – “Olympic Thoughts,” by Seth Crossman. Just a few thoughts about Olympians and elementary school field days.

August 4 – “Saying Goodbye,” by Seth Crossman. Some things in life are easy, like taking a shower. And others are more difficult, like saying “adieu” to Yankee Stadium.

July 28 – “How to Improve Gas Mileage and Save on Fuel – 4 Gas Saving Tips,” by Art Graham. We are all looking at the price of gas these days, so you might be interested in these tips.

July 21 – “Fun Dinner Party Ideas,” by Joseph Devine. I am always looking for fun, light ways to liven up the summer evenings. And CD Kitchen has some great recipe ideas.

July 14 – “Writing and Running: Two Sides of the Same Coin,” by Seth Crossman. Comparisons to help you succeed.

July 7 – “The Rhema Word, Part II,” by Seth Crossman. Seeking answers to hard questions.

June 30 – “Does God Speak in Fortune Cookies,” by Seth Crossman. Haven’t we all wondered this a time or two?

June 23 – “We All Have Bobs in Our Life,” by Seth Crossman. The answers to our ruts.

June 16- “Red Doorknobs Flying Across the Sky!” by Melinda Thomas. Simple advice for writers.

June 9 – “Travel’s Changing Face,” by Seth Crossman. Distances, bad German, and bear hugs on the plane.

June 2 – “Living With Demons,” by Seth Crossman. I am a big fan of Josh Hamilton and his wife.

May 26 – “Loving Country,” by Seth Crossman. Falling in love can ruin you for life.

May 19 – “Old Wives In The Kitchen – Age-Old Advice That Works – And Some That Doesn’t!” by Eleanor Knowles. I’m on a health food kick (as long as it tastes fantastic – mind you!) and these tidbits were right up my alley!

May 12 – “Food and the Family,” by Elea Almazora. You can tell she loves food!

May 5 – “A Crazy Whim,” by Seth Crossman. I often get obsessed with crazy whims.

April 28 – “There is No Medicine for Leaky Boats,” by Seth Crossman. Sometimes the best cure lies within our own power.

April 21 – “180 Million Reasons to Win the Lottery,” by Seth Crossman. Like we need a reason to win the lottery!

April 14 – “Believing in Dabu,” by Seth Crossman. Do we believe everything we hear?

April 7 – “10 Things Guys Hate to Hear in Bed,” by Carl Megill. Some of you will really appreciate this sentiment.

March 31 – “Diamond Hunting in the Wal-mart Parking Lot,” by Myla Madson. This is outrageouly absurd and therefore, most likely true.

March 24 – “Write and Grow Rich,” by Suzanne Harrison. A motivating article about writing, and writing better.

March 17 – “From Lives of Quiet Desperation, Part IV,” by Seth Crossman. A key ingredient I never get tired of adding. Value.

March 10 – “The Gatorade Mentality, Part III,” by Seth Crossman. Do a lot? Get tired? All it takes is one drink to get replenished, right?

March 3 – “The Dirty Tub Syndrome, Part II,” by Seth Crossman. Five questions to ask yourself, and the answers matter.

February 25 – “The Noodle Nights, Part I,” by Seth Crossman. The first in a series of articles about food, friends, accomplishments, being driven and more…

February 18 – “Capturing the Presidency,” by Seth Crossman. This is going to be a fantastic Presidential Race.

February 11- “Romance and Relationships – 5 Romantic Valentine Date Ideas That You Can Do at Home,” by Laurel Barnet. I thought these were creative ways to stoke or rekindle love.

February 4 – “Foods of Love for Valentine’s Day,” by Lisa Bevan. Try cooking up some love this Valentine’s Day with these great ideas.

January 28 – “Pink Cadillacs and Horses, Part II,” by Seth Crossman. Freedom from tradition is a rare commodity.

January 21 – “In the Arms of Tradition, Part 1,” by Seth Crossman. I sometimes think Americans are at a loss for tradition.

January 14 – “One Heck of a Book,” by Seth Crossman. I am rarely this impressed with a book.

January 7 – “9 Facts About New York You Must Know Before You Go There,” by Kit So. New York is a fascinating place and these tidbits make it more so.

December 31 – “Happy New Year 2008!” We wish you a grand year. May you reach all your goals and so may we!

December 24 – The staff at the Opinion Guy wishes a very Merry Christmas to you and yours.

December 17th – “Our Heroes,” by Seth Crossman. In recent days we have heard a lot about performance enhancing drugs and how they corrupt the sports we love, but one of their greatest effects is on our psyche.

December 10 – “A Golden Sundae? Willy Wonka Would be Turning in His Grave,” by Jeff Swett. I was amazed when I came across this article. You can eat gold?

December 3 “Health Nut,” by Seth Crossman. Should we worry about health, or is there a different way to living completely healthy?

November 26 – “Shopping for Christmas,” by Seth Crossman. Gifts, lists, travel shopping, Black Friday, and all those boxes in your closet.

November 19 – “A Chance At Love,” by Seth Crossman. How far would you go for a chance at true love and is it worth it?

November 12 – “My Muse is Dead,” by Guy Anthony De Marco. They say there is a very thin line between ordinary and creative. It’s just a matter of how you look at things. A great piece of writing.

November 5 – “The One Word That Will Change Your Life Forever,” by Dwayne Gilbert. C’mon! One word? It’s that easy?

October 29 – “I Am Astounded,” by Seth Crossman. Is one man so important?

October 22 – “Harvest,” by Seth Crossman. You can’t harvest what you don’t plant.

October 15 – “One Wild, Heroic Dash,” by Seth Crossman. This Thanksgiving I will be telling my Last of the Mohicans moment.

October 8 – “Stop Whining – Age is Just a Number,” by Avish Parashar. On the eve of my birthday, I thought this was appropriate, and well written.

October 1 – “Hope for the Future,” by Seth Crossman. One of the most important imprints we can have on kids.

September 24 – “A Letter From War,” from Bryan Crossman. In the middle of Iraq, Bryan remembered a moment of life, and found a moment of peace.

September 17 – “The Passing of Robert Jordan.” A sad day for Fantasy and his family.

September 10 – “Lessons Learned 2” by Seth Crossman. Eleven new things I have learned.

September 3 – “What Would Make You Happy? (Part III)” by Seth Crossman. Sometimes I forget the secret of happiness.

August 27 – “Immediate Pleasure, Part II” by Seth Crossman. We often make our choices based on this desire.

August 20 – “Sitting In a Bad Place, Part 1,” by Seth Crossman. How did I get stuck here?

August 13- “A First Passage,” by Dave Bello. Snippets from the journals of first time sailors. Sounds like fun!

August 6 – “The Rare and Wonderful,” by Seth Crossman. The internet has killed the value of the unique.

July 30 – “Are You Running on Automatic?” by Knight Pierce Hirst. Sometimes a little chuckle is the perfect thing.

July 23 – “Why Bad Things Happen to Good People,” by Seth Crossman. I am offering an answer to a question many people struggle with.

July 16 – “Welcome to Mars,” by Seth Crossman. We may hear this sooner than we think.

July 9 – “A Bag of Noodles,” by Seth Crossman. A golf course full of Koreans, a golf club, green grass, a bag of noodles and more.

July 2 – Enjoy your Fourth of July! We will be back next week with a new article.

June 25 – “The Business of Doing Good,” by Nathan Tabor. Is morality good for business? Is it good for you and I?

June 18 – “Earlier Than Usual,” by Seth Crossman. For the past month I have woken in the small hours to a strange call.

June 11 – “I Can See, But I Can’t Reach,” by Seth Crossman. The struggle with potential is not so much about achieving as it is about doing.

June 4 – “A Wash in Beer,” by Cheryl Stroup. I never thought about using beer in soap, but it sounds intriguing.

May 28 – “A Noble Thing,” by Seth Crossman. Remember what so many have done and continue to do for us this Memorial Day.

May 21 – “Owning A Bar On A Tropical Island – Is It Really A Dream?” by James Spellman. Thailand’s beaches are beautiful, seductive, and relaxing. It sounds like a life in paradise…

May 14 – “Running on Joe,” by Seth Crossman. I am not a coffee drinker…yet.

May 7 – “A Life of Adventure,” by Seth Crossman. Adventure is appealing and satisfying, and necessary.

April 30 – “Communicating or Connecting?” By Seth Crossman. Is our talk just chatter, or are we heading somewhere worth going?

April 23 – “The Death of the American Melting Pot,” by James C Nelson. A provoking view of America today.

April 16 – “Spoken Power,” by Seth Crossman. Wow, I am going to have to watch what I say.

April 9 – “Don’t Bite Off More Than You Can Chew, But Our Dreams Do – Dreams, Creativity, Reality, Trying,” by Elsa Schieder. Every so often I like to include writing by real creative people that help us stretch our boundaries. Elsa certainly has that creative spark and the enthusiasm to see how far it can go.

April 2 – “Grooming Our Kids for Failure,” by Craig Harper. A look at today’s schools.

March 26 – “The Long Road Home, Part III” by Seth Crossman. The intense longing inside each of us is for the very thing which we have forgotten.

March 19 – “Love Puppy, Part II” by Seth Crossman. The truth about some of us who wish to love.

March 12 – “The Conquest Principle, Part I” by Seth Crossman. Within everyone there is a seed of darkness..and a seed of light.

March 5 – “Creative Perfection: 5 Reasons Why We Destroy Our Creativity By Trying To Achieve The Impossible,” by Dan Goodwin. Many writers suffer from this sneaky thief.

February 26 – “Raised on Toys,” by Seth Crossman. I am a fan of the classic toys, and for good reason.

February 19 – “The Birth of Something Good,” by Seth Crossman. A little tale about the birth of my niece.

February 12 – “The Secrets To Great Dates,” by Bernadette Sukley. In light of Valentines Day this week, I thought this was appropriate. And I love the line, “I’d do it all over again.”

February 5 – “The Hands We Hold,” by Seth Crossman. A look at life through the hands we hold.

January 29 – “The Frontier,” by Seth Crossman. Man has always had a frontier, and the frontier has always challenged him.

January 22 – “Monarchy,” by Seth Crossman. I broke my own rule and talked about politics and authority.

January 15 – “Collecting Dust,” by Seth Crossman. I am an avid collector of things.

January 8 – “This Year,” by Seth Crossman. I love beginnings.

January 1 – Happy New Year!

December 25 – “This Holiday Season.” The staff at the Opinion Guy wishes you the joy and peace of tradition.

December 18 – “Great Success Tip: Don’t Do What The Pizza Man Did,” by Daniel St-Jean. I love the quotes in this piece about avoiding procrastination.

December 11 – “Our Own Little Castles,” by Seth Crossman. Most of us live in little castles. Is the drawbridge up or down?

December 4 – “Expectant,” by Seth Crossman. There is strength and power in being expectant.

November 27 – “Battling Time,” by Seth Crossman. I am an impatient man, who hates the in-betweens. But sometimes those in-betweens are the only thing that matters.

November 20 – ““I Feel I Know You!” 5 Ways To Create Intimacy with Your Audience,” by Gary S. Goodman. Writing tips for non-fiction.

November 13 – “Created Beautiful,” by Seth Crossman. This is what real beauty is, and should be.

November 6 – “Doing Business Behind the Shanty,” by Seth Crossman. Men will be macho.

October 30 – “Leaving a Mark, Part V” by Seth Crossman. The memoir continues.

October 23 – “Bermuda Triangle Is Nothing But A Myth, by Lindsey Williams. The truth behind one of the first tales of the Bermuda Triangle?

October 16 – “Day One of the Teaching Experiment, Part IV,” by Seth Crossman. Our fears can be our triumphs.

October 9 – “Lessons Learned,” by Seth Crossman. Every now and then I like to take stock of what I have learned. Here are ten tidbits of personal truth.

October 2 – “Yellow Suspenders and Big Feet, Part III,” by Seth Crossman. The memoir continues.

September 25 – “The Quest for a Wife, Part I,” by Seth Crossman. The memoir begins.

September 18 – “Shaking Off Our Old Skins, Part II,” by Seth Crossman. The second in a series of memoirs.

September 11 – “The Joy of Air Travel,” by Seth Crossman. Why fly if we are fearful?

September 4 – “The Sea Has Not Claimed Me,” by Pierette Domenica Simpson. An account from a survivor of the Andrea Doria – Stockholm collision in the Atlantic in 1956.

August 28 – “Something Sexy, Something Beautiful,” by Seth Crossman. A look at women and men.

August 21 – “Born on a Rainy Day,” by Seth Crossman – What a rainy day should be.

August 14 – “Passionate Writing: You Can Sell Your Passion,” by Carla Vaughan. A reminder to write about what you love.

August 7 – “A Good Lobster,” by Seth Crossman. A short memoir on lobster.

July 31 – “History of Dragons,” by Corey Tsang. Interesting history and explanation of the dragon in China.

July 24 – “Should I Breastfeed or Use Formula,” by Kathleen Frassrand, is good advice for any family.

July 17 – “Sushi, Art, and Perception,” by Seth Crossman. Some things are all in the eye of the beholder.

July 10 – “The Things We Do,” by Seth Crossman. A look at choice, doing, and what it makes of us.

July 3 – The prologue to the upcoming fantasy, Knights’ Ambition, by Seth Crossman. Get ready for an adventure! Your comments and suggestions are more than welcome, just head to the forum!

June 26 – “Focus on the Joy,” by Kathy Gates – Advice on changing your outlook and increasing your happiness.

June 19 – “Night Attack,” by Damaris West – Suspenseful little short story about a night time encounter.

June 12- “Dream Big,” by Seth Crossman. Thoughts on dreaming big as well as some past dreams of my own.

June 5 – “10 Amazing Facts About Chocolate,” by Richard Davies. Chocolate lovers don’t fret. Eat as much as you can!

May 29 – “How to Quit Writing,” by Leeuna Foster. Humorous look at the persistent and dogged desire to write.

May 22 – “Civilization and Laziness,” by Seth Crossman presents a challenge to everyone.

May 15 – “Growing Old,” by Seth Crossman. Age is the greatest and cruelest thief.

May 8 – “Tips for Saying No Gracefully,” by Bobbi Kahler. Ever wonder how to say no and the reasons you can give for this answer? Read on!

May 1 – “The Art of Cherry Blossom Viewing,” by Seth Crossman. Never been to Japan? View one amazing season in the life of the Japanese.

April 24 – “Fishing and Life: Eight Similarities,” by Seth Crossman. 8 subtle truths about life.

April 17 – “How to Captivate a Man” – Some good advice for women. By Terry Hernon MacDonald.

April 10 – “Mermaids, Fantasies and Art” – Wonderful piece on the importance of reclaiming childhood dreams. By Kathy Ostman-Magnusen.

April 3 – “Where’s the Ordinary Guy?” – Famous people and the ordinary guy. They should meet. By Seth Crossman

March 27 – “Five Secrets For A Happy Life” – We are all about living a happy life! Thanks for the hints, Michael Bowen.

March 20 – “Triage” – Thought provoking social commentary by maia. You will need Adobe Acrobat reader to view. You can get it here.

March 13 – “Most Mornings” – Thoughts on geese and living – by Seth Crossman

March 6 – “Ten Love Tips” – Need help with love? – by Seth Crossman

February 27 – “Walking Shoes” – Thoughts about Culture Shock and reasons I left Japan – by Seth Crossman