Pondering How Much My Novel Is Worth

By Kelly Huddleston Yesterday I had an interesting discussion with a few members on the Amazon Kindle Forum regarding the list price of my book. It started when I wrote a post inviting Amazon Kindle readers to check out my book. I included the synopsis, the list price, and a link to my book’s page. [...]

Killing Time

by Sharon M. White Ever wonder what defining event twists a person just enough to make them want to be a horror writer? News flash: There is no one single defining event. Usually, there is no cluster of defining events, either. There are just those of us who like scaring the hell out of people [...]

Scary Toilet Myths Exposed

by Liz Andrews Depending on your location, a trip to the bathroom can be somewhat scary. A few restroom toilets that personally frighten me are rest stop toilets, sporting event toilets and the one and only outdoor port a potty. The germs, the smells, and the stories that surround the throne has me contemplating whether [...]

The Pros and Cons of Children

Four years ago, I couldn’t wait to have a child of my own. The desire started the first few days I lived in Japan. I have always thought that Japanese women were beautiful. Some would say that is typical American. I disagree. That is an easy answer with very little reasoning built into it. The [...]

Undeniable Evidence

As a nation, we are fascinated with evidence. We love shows like Bones, CSI, Numbers, and Law and Order to name a few. We love all the little clues and how they fit together to reveal something startling. We love movies like The Davinci Code because of the incredible evidence (though fake) it was purported [...]

Tad Williams

The Dragon Bone Chair. This is one of the first fantasy books I ever read and still one of my favorite books I to go to when I need a little writing inspiration. As a teenage boy, I loved how much I felt like the main character and that this was my adventure. From Library [...]

Sweet and Sexy – Top 10 Foods to Attract a Healthy Body

By John R. Chapman Of all the things you would consider sexy, food should be on your short list. Good food, that’s good for you, is just plain sexy. After all, some of the best foods are naked; they are free of being over-processed and over-packaged. They are simple, nutritious, and versatile. Even with the [...]

Honduran Chronicles 3: No Difference in the Heart

People experience life completely different around the globe. Here in the states, our quality of life is defined by the technology we enjoy. I can wake up to my alarm clock and stumble into the shower. I can hop in my truck and drive down well paved roads and stop at Dunkin Donuts for a [...]

Honduran Chronicles 2: Everyday Life and Death

I should have known from the airport landing that Honduras would be a something of a challenge. I knew nothing about the airport going in, nothing about it being one of the most dangerous airports in the world and the airport with the shortest runway. I quickly found out. I am not the best of [...]

Honduran Chronicles 1: The Perception Iceberg

Wouldn’t it be nice if God gave us a roadmap for our lives? Or even better, gave us our very own GPS machine attached to our umbilical chord at birth? We would know exactly what to do at exactly the right time. Turn here now! Date this boy! Move to Chicago in three seconds! The [...]