Art Work

We are looking for good speculative artwork that is imaginative, stylistic, and displays the idea of possibility that exists in the realm of science fiction and fantasy.

All artwork must be submitted in electronic form, .jpeg, .png or .gif format, attached to your email. Please email your artwork with a short query to art(at) If you would like, we will post a small gallery of your artwork for that month if you are accepted. Please choose three pieces.

We pay $50 upon acceptance. Previously published artwork is not accepted. We purchase exclusive rights for the current issue and our archive. You may publish the artwork elsewhere after three months.


We want good speculative fiction that is character driven. All stories should be under 8000 words. We prefer stories under 5000 words. We are looking to publish new writers as well as established writers. Please know the readership before you submit; the speculative fiction reader is generally intelligent and well read. We don’t want to see stories with famous characters or worlds (Star Wars, Star Trek, etc.). We do not accept simultaneous submissions, nor previously published material, including pieces published on personal or public websites.

Please send all stories with an email title of FICTION SUB: your story title to submissions(at) Please include contact information, a brief bio, and a short one or two sentence query at the beginning of the email. Then copy and paste your story into the body of the email. Use _underscore_ to denote italics.

We pay $35 per story upon acceptance. We purchase: One-time rights (you can sell the article to other publications after three months), Reprint rights (we can print the article again later in “Best of” editions), Archive rights (we can include the article in our archives).


All poems should be speculative in nature. All styles are accepted. We want poems under 60 lines. No simultaneous submissions and no reprints. We pay $10 on acceptance. We buy first-printing world exclusive rights for three months.

Please submit to poetry(at) The poem should be in the body of your email. Use _underscore_ to denote italics. Use * to denote bold.

OG Articles

OG Articles is the place for readers and writers alike to voice their opinions or write about the true events of their lives. OG Articles aims to be creative nonfiction. That means well written pieces about interesting topics! If you have something on your mind or heart and would like to contribute, please do so. Send all submissions to ogarticles(at) Submissions should be pasted in the body of the email and have an email headline of ARTICLE: your title.

Please click here to see examples of what we are looking for. Submissions should generally be 300 to 2000 words. Query for longer. No reprints accepted.